Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gluten-Free Cooking Made Easy- Susan Bell

Gluten-Free Cooking Made Easy
Susan Bell
Walnut Springs Press

Celiac disease occurs in 1% of the population worldwide. I have run across friends and acquaintances in my own small town who suffer from the disease. One of the best ways to combat it is to eat a gluten free diet. Several ingredients are crucial to making gluten free breads; xanthan gum, potato starch, sorghum flour, corn flour, quinoa flakes, brown rice flour, etc. Having these on hand will make using this cookbook all the more easier.
Susan Bell includes useful tips and hints in the beginning of the book on kitchen basics, eating out, and reading labels.
Just like your basic cookbook she includes recipes from each category of food needs. Great sounding pancakes and muffins, that are completely gluten-free. Cakes, pies and candies all utilizing either premade gluten free products or making your own. I did notice that several of the recipes were naturally gluten free, which adds to the completeness of the cookbook. Great recipes for everyone in the family. Why go to the trouble of cooking separate for your celiac when you can use a cookbook like this one to provide the same wholesome meal for your whole family.
I think cookbooks like this are definitely needed as those diagnosed with gluten allergies or celiac disease are on the rise.
Thanks to Walnut Springs Press for providing me a copy of this book to review.

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  1. Wonderful review; I'll certainly be looking for this book; my mother in law has a gluten allergy and we love to cook foods that we can all enjoy together when she visits.

    Thanks for stopping by My Own Four Corners. I am now following your beautiful blog! Have a great weekend!