Saturday, September 17, 2011

Giveaway and Review Plugged-In Parenting

Plugged in Parenting
By Bob Waliszewski

The subtitle of the book is How to Raise Media-Savvy Kids with Love, not War.. I just loved that!
I tend toward being a bit ‘fussy’ about what my kids watch on TV and listen to in the music arena. Bob brings across the point that media does influence us and our children, that people are motivated by what they see and hear in the media. We cannot just take a back seat and be ignorant to the fact simply because it may be easier to not confront it.
Crimes shows are mimicked, love scenes are mimicked and bad morals are taken in as acceptable to some who watch the shows, even Christians!
Understanding where your kids are spiritually is the starting place for limiting media, not just setting up a bunch of rules. We are in a battle for our children’s minds and hearts. Encourage our Christian children to honor Christ with their choices in media.
Bob uses scenes from shows on today to emphasize his point of how easily media can ‘slip’ in things that are ungodly.
He then goes to quote scripture verses on how we should choose our friends, view our surroundings and keep from evil. All that can be used in our media experiences today.
I was fortunate to be pretty on target with the thoughts and descriptions that Bob discussed. Only one TV, out in the open, the children listen to Christian music by choice, and the computer is in an open space as well. Does that mean we are immune, not at all. We can just see more clearly the things that are going on, and can continue to monitor and guard against the evil one infiltrating our children’s minds.
Definitely a concept that Christian families need to consider and not just brush it under the rug!

Author Info
Bob Waliszewski is a parent and former youth pastor. He's also director of Plugged In Online, which is visited about one million times each month by people looking for detailed, trustworthy information on today's entertainment. Bob's weekly Plugged In Movie Review is heard on nearly 600 U.S. radio stations, as well as in about a dozen other countries.

This topic is one I feel strongly about and would encourage others to seriously consider reading Plugged-In Parenting. I am giving away my review copy as I feel this is a message that needs to be heard!
Leave me a comment on the area you would like to see change in your family within the media sphere.. TV shows, Music choices, Internet browsing, etc

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  1. What an awesome book! My fiance and I can definitely use some work in the realm of music choices!

  2. I could use this book with my kids! Thanks!


  3. It's easy to plop kids in front of the tv - when we're busy with other things and don't want to entertain them some other way. But the tv is too easy an excuse and we spend too much time in front of it.
    junegirl26 at hotmail dot com

  4. This sounds excellent. I'm off to add it to my list of books to check out.

  5. I'd love some great ideas for this media-soaked culture my kids live in!

    Barb F.