Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deeply Devoted- Maggie Brendan

Deeply Devoted
Maggie Brendan

Catharine Olsen becomes a mail order bride, leaving Holland for the USA, travelling by train to prairie land WY with her 2 young sisters in tow. Catharine became the guardian of Anna 15, and Greta 17 when her parents perished in an accident.

Peter anxiously awaits the arrival of Catharine and is surprised when he sees her arrive with her two sisters. She kept that from him for fear he wouldn’t want her if he knew she had to care for them. Secret number one.

Peter’s mother Clara had high hopes for him to marry Dorothy and is struck clueless when she runs into Peter and Catharine on their way to be married. Clara hires a PI to find some ‘dirt’ on this ‘gold digger’ that is taking up with her son. Secret number two.

The PI finds that Catharine was married prior to coming to the USA, and she had not mentioned that to Peter either. Secret number 3.

Secret after secret are kept between the couple, that slowly begins to tear at the trust that they had built up through their correspondence and courtship. They both seem deeply devoted, but are they enough so to reveal all the burdens that they are carrying, and bring them into the light?

Rich in Wyoming history the novel felt like I was walking down the streets of WY in the late 1800’s. Mail order brides was an actual happening in America where there were hard working men, but no women to share their lives with.  This is why I love historical fiction so well. Not only do you get a glimpse of history, of a different way of living, a different economy, dress, etc, but you also get a story that helps make that time period more real to the readers mind.
I sure hope Maggie Brendan continues the series right where she left off. I can’t wait to see what happens to the sisters as they grow up on WY, and how deeply devoted Peter and Catharine can become to one another.
I received a copy of this book from Revell in exchange for an honest review.

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