Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog Direction.. Design?

I would like to be able to incorporate my Book reviews and reading finds with my creative skills and my Etsy site. So reading, quilting, sewing, soap making, all in one blog.. I would obviously need to change the name of the blog. My etsy site is country Mommy to 6. I do like the idea of incorporating the country mommy part. All that I do with the reading and crafts spring out of my living in the country. I need to think of a theme so I can make a 'button' for the blog. I sure wish I knew more about computers, but at this age, 39 today :) I am just not overly interested in learing about it. I much rather read or quilt!
Looking for feedback from my followers if you had other things than a book review blog would you still be a follower? What sort of title or theme can you brainstorm?
I want to be able to offer blog hop giveaways for soaps and not just books..
Give me your brainchild ideas and there could be a free book or two in it for you if I use your ideas!!



  1. I don't have an interest in soaps or other etsy items, I follow book blogs mostly so honestly I wouldn't continue to follow if you added other things. Sorry.

  2. Joyanne don't be sorry at all. That is exactly what I want, honest answers!! If enough feel the same I can always start a different blog for crafts!

  3. I would follow as I also paint, embroider, quilt, etc. You could name it So Many Books and Crafts...So Little Time. If you will lose people you could create another blog for the crafts and create a button and put it in the sidebar as a link to the craft blog. Keep me posted.

  4. I've always liked a well-rounded blog. Yes, you might lose some readers who are only interested in books, but would you overall gain more by adding readers who enjoy the same creative outlets you do?

    I like Sandra's suggestion for a title, but Mommy blogs are very popular. If you incorporate Mommy into your title, it might be more attractive to others, and it would give you freedom to talk about a plethora or topics. Maybe something like Creative, Crafty Mommy of 6.

    I know someone who works in blog design if you would be interested in having someone handle that for you. She redesigned my website at and I love it.

    Good luck with your blog.