Monday, June 13, 2011

The Trigger a novel of Revelation by Hon Hoh

 The Trigger A Novel on Revelation
By Hon Hoh
Published by Believers Press
May 2011

Josh the pastor of a large church in New York has been feeling God’s pull on his heart toward worldwide missions, to reach the unchurched and underground churches in other nations. On a mission to China he is arrested and brought to the office of the chief of state security, Chief Yang. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit Josh shares the gospel with Yang and he is delivered of an evil spirit and accepting of Jesus as his savior, having to keep it secret from his country. These two along with Josh’s friend Scott in Australia, are all feeling the call to the Great Commission in Matthew 28 ;18-20. Led by the Holy Spirit and circumstances the trio chooses Yangon a city in Myanmar as their mission field.
Set in 2032, the UN as we know it has repeatedly failed to “respond effectively to the three dominant issues plaguing the twenty first century: international terrorism, world trade, and the global environment”.  The UGF, United Global Federation is started, with the guise of treating these three issues, being used by Satan to bring about a one world order, using the President of France as the Antichrist.
The UGF targets born again Christians as the leaders of terrorism.  The counsel seeks to outlaw ‘religious bigotry’, and put tracking devices into all individuals (the mark of the beast).
The Trigger follows closely along with the book of Revelations, quoting biblical references.  The book jockeys between the setting of heaven and the angels along with the Lamb, the realm of evil and the Dragon and his devils, and the physical earth and the people God has chosen to release the trigger.
I enjoyed the perspective given by seeing the spiritual realm intertwined in the story. To read what the archangels are staying and doing, along with the Devil and his minions. I could see the hand of God on the trio before they knew that He would be leading them. It was nice to have the inside scoop in the story. This was not like other books about end times in that it was not a pre-tribulation mindset. Backed with scripture Hon Hoh writes the novel with Christians living through the tribulation and not being raptured until the second coming of Christ.
The trigger was a fast paced, detailed read that was definite food for thought. The scenerio in the book will hopefully bring Christians to reading Revelation and impacting the world for Jesus.
Hon Hoh's ministry can be found at
Thanks to B & B Media for giving me a copy of The Trigger and allowing me to review it.

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