Monday, June 13, 2011

That's When I Talk to God- Dan & Ali Morrow

That’s When I Talk to God
By Dan & Ali Morrow
Illustrated by Cory Godbey
Published by David Cook
Absolutely delightful book on the intimate relationship with God through prayer.  The Morrow’s present in story form several ways that children can pray to God throughout the day, not just at meals and bedtime.  “You can pray about Anything, Anywhere, Anytime”.  Praising God for his artistry,  thanking Him for friends and family, having a repentant heart, safety, courage and more.  Heartfelt wording and actual prayers to help children see the simplicity in the prayers that they can have.
This was a beautifully illustrated book, nice soft colors with purple calming undertones.
Scripture and the Lord’s Prayer are included in the back along with a letter to the reader from Ali’s father Lee Strobel.
 A 5 star children’s book that is a great addition on any child’s bookshelf.
Thankful to B & B Media Group for the privilege to review That’s When I talk to God, and receive a free copy.

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