Friday, June 24, 2011

Not A Fan- Kyle Idleman

Not a fan.
Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus
Kyle Idleman

Published by Zondervan
Source: Review Copy
Are you a Fan of Jesus or a Follower of Jesus? They are not one in the same. Define your relationship with Jesus. Are you ‘an enthusiastic admirer’ sporting the gear to support your latest trend?
We have made our decision to follow Christ, but it doesn’t stop there. To be a follower you need to have a committed relationship with Him, to know him intimately and allow yourself to be known by Him. If you are a follower of Jesus are you following Him or just trying to obey the rules?
Kyle Idleman gives a series of questions to analyze when you are considering whether you are more of a fan or a follower. He uses humor mixed in his examples and gives a sense of lightheartedness to a very serious topic. Kyle takes the topic of sitting on the fence, with one foot in the kingdom of God, and the other foot in the World, to a new comparison of being a fan versus a follower.
Learn to deny yourself and daily pick up your cross and follow Jesus. Profound insight resonates throughout the book. I think all Christians should read this book and make a decision. The world is getting harder and harder, and the believers need to be equipped to become followers through the tough times.
This would be a fantastic study for a small group , or even a church sermon series. Pass the word along and let’s become followers of Jesus rather than lukewarm fans.
Zondervan has provided me  with a complimentary copy of the book

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