Friday, June 24, 2011

Bombus the Bumblebee- Elsie Larson

Bombus The Bumblebee
Written by Elsie Larson
Illustrated by David and Elizabeth Haidle
Published by Master Books
Source : Review copy
Bombus.. even his name makes him sound large! Big, hungry Bombus loved his nectar and didn’t leave much for the honeybees, he was a bigger guy after all. The honeybees were not at all happy with getting the second best honey so they devised a plan to make Bombus doubt his flying abilities. They tell Bombus “Your body is much too fat and heavy for your wings. You are not shaped right for flight”.  They tell Bombus he must have misunderstood his directions, that he obviously isn’t meant to fly.. he doesn’t fly like the honeybees fly. Bombus gets down on himself and tries creeping along rather than flying.. leaving the best nectar for those pesky honeybees.
God’s voice booms out from the heavens and confronts Bombus asking him, “What made you think you cannot fly?”.  Those jealous honeybees are in trouble now. God tells Bombus, you can fly because I gave you flight. Though they may not be shaped right to fly, God gave them flight and it is His  miracle.
The book has facts about the bumblebee, an activity section, and discussion questions for the kids in the back of the book.
Bombus the Bumblebee is a great book on our uniqueness in God. He created differences in bees, what more difference has he created in us. Fantastic illustrations and great moral message makes this a top notch picture book for children.
 New Leaf Publishing has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book

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