Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vicious Cycle- Terri Blackstock

Vicious Cycle is the 2nd book in the Intervention Novel series by Terri Blackstock. I have not read the first bok in the series purposely to see if this book would be able to stand alone. There were a few references to the first novel, Intervention, but it didn't confuse this story, only made me want to read Intervention next.
Emily has been in a Christian rehab for one year, on the verge of graduating and coming back into the world. She has befriended a 15 year old pregnant girl Jordan in rehab who runs away from the center in search of her next 'hit'. She returns home and has her baby under the crazed eye of her druggie mother and stepbrother. Wanting money for their next drug high they unknown to Jordan are selling her baby for top dollar. When Jordan hears of this she hides the baby and points a finger at Emily's brother Lance, and saying he kidnapped the child.
The novel works through the repercussions of Jordan's lie, and the addiction to Meth and it's evil pull.
It was interesting that Terri Blackstock was able to present the life of a drug addict, the physical and emotional turmoil that comes with it in a way that the reader is able to understand. She showed Emily on the recovery end and her struggles and then was also able to show addicts who refused help, and where it led them. She was able to show how the difference between the two was one was willing to let God be in charge, where the other let the drugs rule.
Great Christian suspense novel.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan in order to review it.

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