Friday, May 13, 2011

Until Forever- Darlene Shortridge

Addiction, Manipulation, Control, Tragedy, Depression, Salvation, Redemption, Forgiveness.. in just one book. Darlene Shortridge's first novel is superb in so many facets. Accuracy in depicting characters with addictions, struggles, fears, as well as those on the other side with happiness, salvation, and wisdom. Her characters are 'real', and make you cheer for them with each turn of the page.
Loved the wisdom that the Pastor offered to Mark in the book, and how he stood by him. Loved the transformation of each character throughout the book and the relationships that they built with Jesus.
I think many people can relate to this book in one way or another by either knowing someone with an addiction, or someone that seems unforgiveable, or someone on their knees in constant prayer. Well rounded story left me wanting more.
I dont typically read contemporary Christian novels, preferring historical so that the story doesn't get too personal or real as I tend to internalize them. I cried tears of sadness, as well as tears of joy in this novel. It was worth the tears, and I think Darlene ranks right up there with some of the better known authors of our day in her writings. Can't wait to read her future works.

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