Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Fit: Exercises for the Brain and body while away from school

 Summer Fit

 I have never seen a workbook like this that incorporates reading, writing, math, fitness, nutrition and values all together for an entire summer. Typically you can find workbooks for the brain refresher courses, but never have I found one for the exercise nutrition component!

Each day the student has approx 30 minutes of work to stimulate their mind and body. Fun exercises for strength building, aerobics, and sports exercises and interspersed throughout the week. The intro to the book gives you explanations of the various exercises and stretches. They are geared toward children with names like Moon Touches and Fly in the Ointment. A great way for parents to get some stretching in with the children to model having an active lifestyle.

I felt that the work was appropriate for the grade level, just giving a basic review of the grade that the student has just graduated from. Not overwhelming with pages of book work, just a front and back page for each day. You do know they will not want to sit for hours and do bookwork, and  Summer Fit knows this too! I loved how day 5 has a person in history or from today who exhibits a value to be learned, and discusses how that person showed that value. There is a list of picture books to go along with the study on values as well. Incorporate a field trip to the library to pick up a couple of them!

The books go well together in that the different grades still share the same value each week, and the exercises are similar so that several grades of students can do them together.For a large family like mine, that really is a time saver.

The hard part is going to keep the kids from doing too many days at one time as I think they are really going to enjoy this summer review!

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Media Guests has has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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  1. Looks interesting. We got some workbooks from the dollar store, but these would be a nice addition.