Sunday, May 29, 2011

Plain Proposal- Beth Wiseman

18 year old Miriam is planning to be baptized and continue in her Amish Faith in Lancaster County surrounded by her loving family and friends. Miriam's English cousin Shelby is sent away from her home in TX to live with Miriam and her family. Hoping the time away from her troubled friends and backlash of her parents divorse will give Shelby her a break. Shelby feels abandoned and unloved by all, especially God. Miriam and Shelby become like sisters sharing in their dreams for the future. Miriam secretly is in love with Saul, a 'bad boy' of the Amish who is more than likely leaving the faith. Miriam's mother does all she can to prevent Miriam from falling for Saul, feeling Shelby is encouraging the union.
As feelings and truths come out in the open the story unveils true character and family bonds grounded in God. The characters grow and develop while giving us a glimpse into the Amish life.

A darling love story that I wouldn't hesitate for a teen or young girl to read as well as adults who are smitten with the Amish love stories. Very typical in the Amish stories I have read, nothing really unique or stands out as a "WOW" in the novel. It is a nice summer reading, light and makes you smile.
This was the 5th in the series of the Daughter of the Promise. I haven't read the previous ones and this book was able to stand on it's own.
I received this book as a Goodreads first read.

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