Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Already Compromised- Ken Ham and Greg Hall

When I first saw that Ken Ham was coming out with a book on the current state of the Christian Universities I was counting down the days until it came available. With 2 teens on the tail end of high school I was hoping that this book would give me clear direction where to send my children to school. Just give me a list, and tell me which is best, I will move mountains to get them there. The book doesn't do that, it does much better than that in making parents and students think for themselves on what would be the best place for the student by aligning their own biblical worldview with a college who is following the literal Bible.

Ken Ham and Greg Hall teamed up with America's Research Group and Britt Beemer to study over 200 Christian universities and colleges by giving them a survey on core faith questions. The President, Vice President, Science Dept Head and Religion Dept Head were all given the survey. The book is very good at describing their findings from the survey from questions such as "Would you consider yourself to be a young-earth or old-earth Christian", "Do you believe in the inspiration of Scripture?", and "Do you believe of the Flood of Noah's Day?".

Taking the answers to these and many other questions, putting them in pie graphs for the reader to easily understand and then dissecting them and showing the many inconsistencies that were occuring. Lets just say that the majority of the people interviewed were not on the same page and they didn't even know it.

"Just because it is said to be 'Christian' does not mean it will teach a Christian worldview as it should." Learning to have a Christian worldview begins at home in the family, and within a church environment with like minded believers. There are colleges out there with a Christian worldview, but many have fallen prey to the Humanistic mindset and have given in to the ease of 'fitting in'.

Being armed with the truth of God's word, prayer and a biblical worldview is a must when setting out to find a college that is write for you.

Fantastic book, well worth the wait, and an answer to prayer for newbie parent on the college front.

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