Friday, April 1, 2011

One Second After- William R. Forstchen

One second after the Electromatgnetic Pulse is released over the United States. This is a story of one small town in North Carolina up in the hill country. A nice Norman Rockwell type town thrown back into the 'dark ages' as they are left without  electricty, computers, any technology. Along with that simple needs for survival. Refrigeration, medicines, foods, water supply, protection.
 Colonel John Matherson retired military, now a history professor at the local Christian college is soon elected to the counsel that is overseeing the towns organization. Under martial law they fight to keep as many alive as they can.
There is no communication with others to even know what happened and when it will be fixed. The town plans for long term, rationing food, forming a militia, organizing their own court system.
This book really makes you take a look at how dependant we are on electricity, on the government for information and protection, on others around us for trade. Could something like this happen? Maybe, maybe something similar. 9-11 happened, terrorism happens, End Times is predicted in the Bible.
This book makes you take a look at how you live, how you would survive and who you may become in the end of times.

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