Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Summit- Andy Andrews

The final summit, where David is called along with fellow 'travelers' to find the answer to the question "What does Humanity need to do individually and collectively to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization".
In a 2 word answer, given a time limit, and only allowing 5 additional travellers to discuss it, and only 5 guesses. Intense!

A majority of the novel takes place at the summit, around a beautiful table crafted by the boss's son (Jesus). Yet we are taken throughout different times and places in history as a new traveller comes to the table.

I love the historical background that each traveller gives to the others at the table,giving the reader insight into real historical figures and what they have done in the body of Christ. And taking those figures and the principles they have learned in their time, and working together to figure out where our current nation has gone wrong and to get it back on track.
If only we had a people who turned to the lessons of the heros in our history, our Christian brothers and sisters in times past, we would come back to the Great I Am.

Andy Andrews is a new author to my library, one fantastic blessing from being a reviewer for booksneeze and getting a complimentary book to world is opened to some new, fantastic authors. I plan on getting my hands on all of his books to read, that is how much I enjoyed this book.

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