Sunday, April 24, 2011

Deadly Disclosures- Julie Cave

Dinah Harris, a demoted FBI agent is requested to join forces with a past FBI comrade in solving the abduction of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Thomas Whitfield. Absorbed in her own past failures and tragedies, Dinah by day is on a search to find out who would murder the Secretary of the most famous museum in America, and by night wrapped up in an addiction to alcohol.
Evolution versus Creationism and how they are portrayed in government and the media drives a secret organization to secure their desire for supremacy on the side of Evolution. They will do whatever it takes to make sure they have the right people in prominent positions. Through a web of lies, subsequent deaths, and backlash Dinah searches out the truth of the case, while a still small voice searches out for her.
I loved the detailed information on the creation versus the evolution debate in the book when scientists were debating each other and talking candidly. I thought the scripture references and the role and characters of Andy and Sandra helped move the book in a forward motion in getting the reader to really think on and consider not only creation, but the young earth theory. Well written, and mind capturing as it was so hard to put it down and I couldn’t wait to get back to reading it again. Excited that I have the 2nd book in the series in hand already and plan on starting it next.
I was given this book by New Leaf Press and am very pleased with the quality of writing from Julie Cave.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dragons Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs

Being a Christian homeschool Mom I realize the vast amount of resources available for my children to learn about Dragons and Dinosaurs. Most I open and read .. millions of years ago, and immediately put aside. I was excited to review this book for New Leaf Press to see what they would do from a Christian Perspective.
This book is a beautiful hardback book with lift the flaps, mini books inside, fold out pages, and facts based on the Word of God.
From page one the authors encourage the reader to look for the truth about Dinosaurs and Dragons as one of the many creatures made by God. With that, I was able to pull my young ones close by and read the book to them.
The book has legends from a variety of countries, eye witness accounts, scripture where dragon like creatures are mentioned, and even dragon slaying saints.
The visual drawings and photos are excellent quality and my youngest loved those even if the text was geared at more of a pre teen level.
Perfect gift giving book for the young Dragon lover to read through again and again.

Good Things Happened Today- Christopher Atwood

Good Things Happened Today- Christopher Atwood

A man, a women, a family, a stranger.. all separate, yet combined together as this book unfolds. One person is the common thread between them, a homeless man named Noah. Noah with his words of faith and enlightenment, with his cheerful spirit and the ability to look deep into one’s soul, guides these people to look deeper into the lives that they live. Searching for real meaning to life, not just the wealth and status that one can obtain at the sacrifice of truly living.
This book has the elements of good and evil depicted by characters in rich language and detailed chapters. The details in the language made the scenes just come alive for me.
Not a casual read or light read. This book will challenge the choices you have made in life and where you are heading today. It will make you realize that you can choose to make good things happen today.
There were some confusing parts in this book, and it took me awhile to understand the supernatural components as Noah is with all the people at one time. I have emailed the author about a time sequence that didn't match up.

After Shock- Kent Annan

After Shock – Kent Annan

January 2011 an earthquake shaked Haiti’s world, and many of those who had ties to the people and ministries in Haiti. Kent Annan has worked in Haiti for many years and was in the USA when the earthquake happened. 6 days later he landed back in Haiti to see the devastation. This book chronicles Kent’s faith as he sees first hand trauma as well as the continuation of faith in God by those most affected.
As Kent sits amongst what once was a church he says “The rubble seems like evidence of God’s absence or abandonment, and yet here I sit, talking and eating the rubbled body of Christ. (in a church service taking communion). Here week after week, people come to find Jeuss. The rubble may make him harder to find, but maybe, like the rafters in the center of this leveled church, he never left and never will.”
The book starts out just like a person going through the stages of a death and leads to the ending emotional of acceptance and the realization that in the tragedy, God is still present.
When I started this book I didn’t care for it. I felt like the author was being to unforgiving, too transparent for me..someone who hasn’t lived through the tragedy. I decided to muddle through it and was glad I did as I began to see Kent’s progressing through the emotional phases, and coming to the honest faith he was searching for. I just loved the stories of the Haitian people and all that they had gone through, yet in their loss they still praised God. The Haitian Christians have earned my deepest respect in a situation that I am not sure many in America could endure and still come out with their faith intact on the other side.
“It was like the world was ending and Jesus didn’t show up…but then God did, when_________ came and was so kind”. A stranger. A friend. Offering encouragement or a meal, a job or a room to stay in.” It was easy to see the love of Jesus in the midst of the tragedy.

I received this book as a first read from

Take Action Bible NKJV

Take Action Bible NKJV
Want to be more active in your faith and be inspired by others stories of action, then this is the perfect Bible for you. This New King James Version Bible reads like similar Bibles, yet has stories of people from around the world who are making a difference in the Body of Christ. People who are answering the call to Go. Serve. Give. Heal. Teach. The stories are inspirational in that some are missionaries giving up all they have to serve in a foreign country, to those having a lemonade stand and raising money to donate. The stories show that we all can participate and be more active.
If you need suggestions the Bible has 52 action ideas at the end, along with the scripture it pertains to. There are fantastic color maps, a small concordance, and a Bible study plan at the end of the Bible as well.
I read through the book of John and found it right on and accurate with other Bibles I have read. Jesus words are in red which helps me to quickly find quotes I may be looking for that I know Jesus spoke. Beautiful cover, light weight paperback Bible that is not bulky at all. I plan on using it as my primary Bible for reading through the Bible in a year.

I received this book from in exchange for a review.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Screen/Electronics Week

A week of getting back to the basics with the family, having some fun, and getting some extra farm chores done.Lots of time for reading, and excited to be back next week with a lot of reviews!
Have a Blessed Easter

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Dopple Ganger Chronicles.. Secret of the Indigo Moon by G.P. Taylor

2nd in the series of The Dopple Ganger Chronicles,we pick back up with Eric Ganger and the Dopple twins at their home for wayward children. Eric as the only boy at the school (orphange) he has many responsibilities to watch over the girls of the school under the heavy hand of headmistress Miss Rimmer.
Something is awry when Eric hears noises in the night, discovers tunnels and secrets, and has to use his detective skills to find out what happened to the old headmistress Miss Olivia.

Subtle hints of an angel guiding one of the Dopple twins,and mention of "The Companion" who sent her, referring to God. Seeds planted for the non-Christian, nothing over preachy. If however you are looking for a character building,Christ centered tween novel, this is not the one to choose as it isn't a large part of the theme.

Fantastic novel and graphic novel combination. Geared for tween readers, maybe even the reluctant reader as GP Taylor weaves exciting text with comics,and graphics throughout the book. Captivating to the eye, that even my non readers wanted to 'read' it when it arrived.

Easy to jump into this 2nd novel without having read the 1st, but I will be finding the first for the children to read and enjoy

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Summit- Andy Andrews

The final summit, where David is called along with fellow 'travelers' to find the answer to the question "What does Humanity need to do individually and collectively to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization".
In a 2 word answer, given a time limit, and only allowing 5 additional travellers to discuss it, and only 5 guesses. Intense!

A majority of the novel takes place at the summit, around a beautiful table crafted by the boss's son (Jesus). Yet we are taken throughout different times and places in history as a new traveller comes to the table.

I love the historical background that each traveller gives to the others at the table,giving the reader insight into real historical figures and what they have done in the body of Christ. And taking those figures and the principles they have learned in their time, and working together to figure out where our current nation has gone wrong and to get it back on track.
If only we had a people who turned to the lessons of the heros in our history, our Christian brothers and sisters in times past, we would come back to the Great I Am.

Andy Andrews is a new author to my library, one fantastic blessing from being a reviewer for booksneeze and getting a complimentary book to world is opened to some new, fantastic authors. I plan on getting my hands on all of his books to read, that is how much I enjoyed this book.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Lightkeeper's Ball- Colleen Coble

Olivia and Eleanor Stewart were heiresses to a large diamond mining fortune, only to be multiplied if they joined hands in marriage to the Bennett Family of Mercy Falls Calif. Eleanor's engagement to Harrison is arranged, loveless but crucial to Mr Bennet Sr's dynasty. Eleanor is killed, suppossed suicide, Olivia is not convinced. Olivia travels to Mercy Falls under the name Lady Devonworth, to get to the bottom of her sister's and her fathers untimely death. Ready to hate Harrison, and uncover his hidden secrets, Lady Devonworth spends time getting to know Harrison, only to find he isn't the man she assumed he was.

Colleen Coble has always kept my attention with her character building and suspenseful plots. This book was the 3rd in the series and without having read the first 2 I was concerned that I would be 'lost'. The book can definately stand alone, but has made me intriqued to read the 2 previous ones as well. I received The Lightkeeper's Ball from booksneeze as a complimentary copy to review.

Combining mystery and historic fiction Colleen Coble has created a dynamic series that will definately want to read for pleasure.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Still Alice- Lisa Genova

    5 stars!! Phenomenal book about a woman in her early 50's and her early-onset of Alzheimers.
Just turning 50 Alice, a Doctorate Professor of Psycology at Harvard starts noticing that she is forgetting words, appointments, and even getting lost during a run. She consults a neurologist and they go through numerous tests, first being told it is probably depression, or fatique. Further testing pushed by her husband John, results in a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimers .
    This book is written from Alice's perspective. The alertness and detailed life of Alice at first, to the last chapter when she is mostly unaware. Brilliant in that it not only is taken from Alice's perspective, but also that it is written so well that you see the emotional changes that her husband and children go through as they become to accept her diagnosis. Their struggle to understand, to live their own lives, yet to go on with their own.
      Fantastic details about alzheimers, studies on it, medications and how they work, and the brain activity. Only a Doctor in Neuroscience like Lisa Genova could write with such precision and details, yet keeping it readable for the general public.
     When I finished the book I just set it down with tears in my eyes and said Wow.. amazing book.
If you know anyone with Alzheimers I strongly recommend this book. One of the only books that The National Alzheimer's Association has endorsed. I recommend it even if you just want to have a new understanding and perspective on this disease, good chance you sometime will run into someone with it. A real chance to grasp the disease, and the person who still has to live with it. May give you a whole new respect for those suffering with this disease.

Friday, April 1, 2011

One Second After- William R. Forstchen

One second after the Electromatgnetic Pulse is released over the United States. This is a story of one small town in North Carolina up in the hill country. A nice Norman Rockwell type town thrown back into the 'dark ages' as they are left without  electricty, computers, any technology. Along with that simple needs for survival. Refrigeration, medicines, foods, water supply, protection.
 Colonel John Matherson retired military, now a history professor at the local Christian college is soon elected to the counsel that is overseeing the towns organization. Under martial law they fight to keep as many alive as they can.
There is no communication with others to even know what happened and when it will be fixed. The town plans for long term, rationing food, forming a militia, organizing their own court system.
This book really makes you take a look at how dependant we are on electricity, on the government for information and protection, on others around us for trade. Could something like this happen? Maybe, maybe something similar. 9-11 happened, terrorism happens, End Times is predicted in the Bible.
This book makes you take a look at how you live, how you would survive and who you may become in the end of times.