Monday, March 21, 2011

Juggling books

I have to multi task a lot on a farm with 6 children, and the same goes for reading. I can't be reading just one book at a time, I usually have a book mark in several. Of course my Bible should be first, then I enjoy reading a book to the kids, usually have a non fiction Christian book started, a fiction book started, and then am collecting more books for my shelves. Not enough time for me to read all these books! And having said that, there are books that I pick up, start to read and decide I have better ones than that. I will make sure to include those here as well. There are too many books to spend time reading ones that you dont like.
I will definately add A chance to Die to my list by Amy Carmichael. I think I read it years ago, but it would be a great refresher. Anything by Elisabeth Eliot is fantastic as well, my devotion right now Keep a Quiet Heart is by her.
Happy Spring, and hope you can get good at juggling these books!


  1. Yes, I have a pile next to my bed... always several going at once.

    Except for when I read something like one of the Mrs Pollifax books (I wouldn't recommend Dorothy Gilman's other books, but I have loved Mrs pollifax since I was in my teens)... they are such fun easy reads that I can finish in an evening...or nap time ;)

  2. I always have several going at once too. The funny thing is bc (before children) I could never read more than one at a time and I usually always finished each book. Now, it is quite normal for me to not finish a book if something else, like a review book takes precedence.